Coyote Ugly 1995 Wakes Up

There's a lot of information to relay to you all in a very short amount of time. I wish I could be more attuned to what-you-want-to-hear but I can't be at the moment. This is the blogsite of CoyoteUgly1995. That is my online alias and I'm sticking with that story. This is essentially about a journey to 'wake up' to a higher state of being beyond this mortal coil, but it's way less new-wave-y than that makes it sound. I'm interested in rigor and studies and blah blah blah. The boring stuff. I like math and psychology and not much else. I don't get much else, to be frank. I tend to be very bombastic and abrasive in my online interactions, but this is a choice. A strategy that I choose pretty calmly and consistently, the only emotion I actually feel being tension. I love writing. I do it all the time, constantly. In fact, I write more than any other activity. It's like breathing to me. I do it all the fucking time and I feel so goddamn happy about it. See? Those were swear words, so you know I'm serious or whatever. Anyway, this site is my Blog. I'mma grow it into something bigger, but only with you guys' help and support. Because without that, this is all pretty useless, right? Just another diary? Shake my head, to be honest.

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